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Miscellaneous Products

Pigment Dispersions For Urethane, Silicone and Epoxy

anchorseal misc. products

Anchor-Seal pigments offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. Pigments are very concentrated and a very small amount will color proportionally large amounts of product. The more you add in proportion to the volume, the more dramatic the color effect. Recommended loading range is .001% to 3% of total system weight. Adding pigment to the wrong side of any two-component system can cause negative effects. Successful pigmentation is achieved when adding dispersions to the ‘B’ side of urethane, ‘B’ side of silicone and the “A” Side of epoxy. Do not overload with dispersion or cure inhibition may occur. Colors are combinable but should be blended prior to adding to product. Small scale testing is recommended.

Packaging: 4 oz. Jar / Quart
MSDS Sheets: CDR 114, 103, 661, 430, 124, 497, 035, 463, 044 and 951

Ultra Urethane Parfilm Mold Release (MR-UPF)

Ultra Urethane Parfilm forms an ultra-thin coating for use on urethane castings and RTV-2 Silicone castings. This chemically inert release agent was formulated specifically for urethanes and is heat stable to 575°F.

Packaging: 12 oz aerosol can, 12 cans per case
Dry Gas Blanket (Burp) Shelf Life Extender For Urethanes

“BURP” is a blanketing gas designed to extend the shelf life of moisture sensitive polyurethane products by displacing moisture laden air. Apply the “BURP” blanketing gas to the unused portion of a liquid polyurethane prior to replacing the lid on the container, “BURP” will significantly extend the shelf life of the product.

Packaging: 10 oz aerosol can, 12 per case

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